April 3rd, 2016

happy hedgehog

Ten Reasons to be Happy

1. I have a fanboy for a husband and he loves to laugh (and cook up creative weird MFU stories for me to write).

2. I have lovely friends whom I cherish and thank Bast for on a daily basis.

3. All three cats are healthy and happy, well, I suppose happy. With cats, how do you really know?

4. Spring is here and the weather is sunny and warm again

5. A friend made it through surgery safely and is doing well.

6. We have enough money to be content and comfortable.

7. We have a comfortable home.

8. TBG and I both have good health

9. We both have jobs that we enjoy and are good at.

10. I have my lovely LJ family.

My thanks to a_phoenixdragon for starting me on this weekly post and to sparky955 for her gentle reminder. :D
bunny and basket

Three late Easter Eggs just went up in MFUWSS

When these eggs didn't materialize with the others, frau_flora asked if I'd step in and write something.

I hope you enjoy them. As always, I thank sparky955 for her beta and advice. The links take you to AO3.

Illya and the Easter Bonnet

For Threecee: I'd like a gen story that fits the title "Illya and the Easter Bonnet". Maybe based on the movie since there aren't many requests for that.

The Cost of Doing Business

For Loxley_prince: Prompt: I would love a slash Easter egg involving emotional blackmail with a happy ending please.

Them's the Breaks
For Garonne: Prompt: celebration after a season of abstinence (you don't have to take that in a religious sense, though that would also be cool).
My default

one of the fun things

about growing up in Vermont.

Sugar on snow. The sugar is maple syrup that has been boiled to the hard candy stage then drizzled over snow. You eat it with a doughnut and dill pickles. What's not to love?

And okay, it says Canadian, but I'm half Canadian, too, so it's all good.

What is something you love(ed) growing up in your home state?