April 6th, 2016

black cat and candle

Sigh, this is not good.

I was just informed by the apartment manager that they are going to start trapping all the stray cats in the complex. I know there are a ton of them and it's getting worse every day. She said that as long as our outside cats have collars, they will be safe. I can get close enough to Little Black and Grey to collar them, but not little Rocket or Ringtail. I have to hope that Bast will look out for them and tell me what to do. At least I have collars for all of them. Tonight should be interesting.

Jsut wondering

How do you manage your friends list? Do you go through it and clean it up now and again or just leave it be?

Remember seeing cars with one of these:

Did you ever/do you have bumperstickers on your car?