April 15th, 2016

Getting to know you

The Friday Five for April 15, 2016

1. Do you play games with your animals, aside from the usual?

2. Do you talk to your pets?

3. Do your pets talk to you?

4. Is your pet your best friend, a member of the family or both?

5. Have you ever had to get rid of an animal for a reason beyond your control?

1. Titan and Jenny both love to play hide and seek. They usually win. Damn their sense of smell.

2. Absolutely. And they are great listeners!

3. Titan is a talker, which isn't necessarily an aspect of Russian Blues. He talks all the time. Jenny will chat, too, but only on her terms. Pye rarely says anything - verbally. She speaks volumes with her purr, though.

4. Both, absolutely, both.

5. Thankfully, no. When we first moved to Stockton, we found the perfect apartment, but the limit was one cat and we had two, one from five weeks old. To give one up wasn't an option, so we moved into the complex where we presently live. A much better choice.
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Lights, Camera, Action

Title: Lights, Camera, Action
Genre: Gen
Word count: 767
Element Flash Prompt: A really stupid movie

My thanks to Sparky955 for the beta and Kittenmommy for a head scratcher of a prompt.

Steel stood in the middle of the empty street and looked first to his left and then his right. “Sapphire, where are we?”

“I’m not sure, Steel.”   Her eyes glowed blue and her blank expression then clouded with confusion.  “Nor are They.”

“That’s preposterous.” Steel started to walk.  “They know everything.”

“This isn’t the first abandoned town we’ve been in before.” Sapphire took a deep breath.  The morning air was already dry and hot.  She shifted her clothes to something a bit cooler.  It didn’t suit her and she tried another, judging her looks in a dusty window for a mirror.

“If you are quite done with your fashion parade, I may have found something.” Steel was standing in the open door of a building.  It looked like an old fashioned drug store.

She smiled at him and moved gracefully to his side and peeked in. “There’s… there’s nothing here.”  She touched the wood.  “This is recent, no more than ten years old.  Yet it looks as if it were at least eighty years old.”

“Exactly. It’s just the front of the building.”  Steel stepped in and gestured to either side.  “The rest of the buildings are the same.  Why would anyone create just the fronts of buildings?”

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Minion from UNCLE

A new MFU adventure

Title The Back to the Wall Affair
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Word count: 1448

My thanks to Sparky955 for the beta and to The Big Guy, who spun this yarn over cocktails and apps one night recently.
Please read with caution.

Napoleon’s breath came gasp after agonizing gasp. He stumbled and nearly fell, but caught himself at the last minute and pushed on.

“Do me a favor?” Illya was panting as hard as his partner was.  “The next time you escape, don’t bring all of THRUSH to the party.”

The sound of distant shouts spurred them on as a dark shape loomed on the horizon. “If we can make it to that building, we might be able to lay low.”

“Or be sitting ducks. I think we should push on.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m in charge.” Napoleon didn’t need to see the glare that Illya sent in his direction.

They managed to breech the factory’s less-than-impressive defense and make their way inside.

“Look around and see if you can find something to use as a weapon.” Napoleon barricaded the door as best he could and immediately started to scout for a location.  There was a catwalk set to the rear of the building.  It would give them the advantage of being over the enemy when they broke through the front door.  He pointed and Illya nodded tightly.  He knew better than to argue with Napoleon at a time like this.

Napoleon wound his way through the defunct machines and dust-covered trash from a former life. He gave the stairs to the catwalk a try and although they groaned under his weight, they held.

Lights from helicopters illuminated the factory floor through the broken glass of the skylight and Napoleon doubled his efforts, knowing Illya was on his heels.

He hefted a thick piece of metal and leaned it against the railing. That should provide adequate protection from a frontal assault.  Now he just had to worry about everything else.

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Just wondering

Which three places do you want to visit before you die?

Which was the last great movie trailer you watched?

What was your favorite subject when you were in school and why?