April 30th, 2016

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London Day 8

The day was a bit hazy this morning, high thin clouds made it seem cooler than it really was. We walked down to Waitrose to do a bit of breakfast shopping only to be too early, so we ended up at Sainsbury Lite (sort of a version of Seven Eleven). Picked up some eggs and milk then went back to the flat to make breakfast. We have the day to ourselves, so we were moving a bit slower than usual.
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London Day 9

Wow, what a day! It dawned sunny and perfect and pretty much stayed that way all day! This was good because we had two markets to hit today.

First we headed for the Portabello market in Notting Hill Gate, which was more of shop owners putting stuff on the sidewalk. It was so packed with people that it was almost impossible to see what people had. After about an hour, Jeff got discouraged and we left. He hadn’t been to it in twenty years and apparently it had greatly changed.
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