May 3rd, 2016

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London Day 11

The day was quite grey this morning, but it was warm, much warmer than previously. We took this as a good sign and once again made our way to The Globe. We were a little concerned that it might not be open because of the Bank Holiday, but we had nothing to fear. They were quite open and we were able to get in with the next tour. It gave us fifteen minutes to look around at the various displays they had.
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High tea at Fortnum and Mason

For our last day in London, we decided to shoot the wad and have high tea. It was quite the experience. While Jeff and I had high tea, TBG had a savory tea.

For tea, we first tried, Jubilee, Afternoon, and Golden, followed by Earl Grey, green tea with elderflower, and orange spiced tea. We did not even scratch the surface of the teas offered.

Jeff started out with a Lobster omelet Victoria, lobster bisque & truffle, I had Welsh lamb Cannon with Spring vegetables - both were fabulous. TBG started with a series of finger sandwiches (smoked salmon, Coronation chicken, cucumber with mints & cream cheese, honey-roast ham with grain mustard and Rare breed hen's Egg Mayonnaise and English cress.

Following that, he had: cheddar cheese scone with caramelized onion, Portland crab scone with Granny Smith Apple, Lobster & Egg Mayonnaise, wild mushroom puff with truffle, English Asparagus & Parma ham, Savory Choux with smoked salmon tartare and a quail egg, pea panna cotta & cheese straw.

Jeff and I had: plain and fruit scones, choux with maple crème, Raspberry crème, Double chocolate, and lemon meringue petite fours. Stuffed beyond thought, next came the cake trolley.

They had a chocolate and almond cake (very dense), banana cake( denser still), a raspberry and ladyfingers cake, a pistachio and lemon cake wrapped in almond paste and another one that escapes me. You can tell the one we didn't have. Let's just say, we said good bye to London with a bang.

Now to the hard part - packing! :P Thanks to everyone who came along with us in our London adventure. We will be in the air tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me for a bit - never fear. As our ex-governor once said, "I'll be back."

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