May 5th, 2016

Happy dance

London – over and done with.

We crawled out of bed yesterday, a bit blurry eyed – never sleep well the night before traveling – and went through all the last-minute stuff. The day before we had cleaned and packed, but there were still showers and the last cup of coffee. The night before, we’d had take-away sushi, very good except for choking on a sesame seed, and watched a bit of the Phantom of the Opera movie. Sigh, they tried too hard with it.

Got the flat all sorted out (I won’t miss the funky plumbing of the toilet), stripped the bed, got all the used towels and linens together and dropped the keys off with Jeff.

I will miss our funky little flat. It was small, but it was very comfortable and head and shoulders above staying in the hotel room. It was nice to have a kitchen to cook in – we didn’t go out for breakfast once, unless you count the one we had at the airport. The bed was firm and comfy, the heater worked, all in all, it was a great stay.
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