May 11th, 2016

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At least it's Wednesday

This has been the third morning that there has been no sign of Illya or Little Mommy. Or, in fact of any of the cats that were hanging around the front yard on Sunday. The only cats I've seen have been our three regulars: Grey, Little Black, and Ringtail. I haven't seen any of the 'incidental' visitors either. At first I thought it might be the lawn service that scared them off, but this is concerning. Last night we went looking for Little Mommy, but to no avail. I can only hope that Bast knows what she is doing and trust her.

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On the good side of things, it's Wednesday and it's lovely outside. My desk is clear, the phones are quiet and life has settled back down to its usual pace. The other cats are well and healthy as are TBG and myself. We have the weekend to ourselves and I'm not hating the thought of that. We have reservations at a nice little restaurant, just the two of us, for Friday night. Yup, life is pretty darn good. Now if I could just find a couple of kitties...
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A late pimping


lost_spook hosts a wonderful commentfest dedicated to obscure British shows. There are some brilliant things being written and lots of great prompts still open and looking for a home. Or, I'm reminded, that you can also leave one if there's a prompt that you would like to see written.

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