May 15th, 2016

i see you 2

How can it already be Sunday?

And the middle of May? May just started. Sigh...

We were in the store (Safeway) yesterday and people were buying leis for graduates. One more reason to go to Hawai'i down the tubes. It used to be that we went there to buy things you couldn't find anywhere else. Now we can buy guava jams (or even guavas). It's easy to find mac nuts, haupia pudding mix and even taro/poi. Well, at least they didn't carry anthuriums and leis in grocery stores... but now they do. And orchids, plumerias, and just about everything else. Sigh...

Yesterday I went out to start planting some of the stuff we'd gotten the day before and Little Mommy joined me. She ate as she always has, but instead of rushing off, she stayed... for nearly two hours. I'm afraid that means she might have lost her kittens. She had no interest in leaving, although she finally wandered off after dinner. If she starts coming by regularly, I will call and make an appointment to get her fix. TBG started giving me the "We already have three cats lecture, even though I'd not said a word. For one thing, she hasn't shared her name with me. That tells me that I'm not to one to adopt her.

She at least stayed for a few photos, although it was hard because she never stopped moving. Jenny was feeling a little left out, so I took a photo of her as well.


Finally, I finished the applique for the pillow I'm working on and got it attached to the batting and back quilting square (think of it as a sandwich and the batting is the filling). There will be another piece, light green like the background that will be the eventual back of the pillow. So I am getting there. Not so much with the symmetry, though


Hope everyone's night was good and that today will bring you great things!
one cat short

Illya's back!

But his ringworm is worse, so he has an appointment at 11:30 at the vet. Now the trick is to keep him around until then. I put the carrier out, hoping that he will sleep inside it like he did the cat house last weekend. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and Little Mommy's name is Misty. She told me this morning. TBG isn't happy. She took off after Grey (the cat, not grey853) yelled at her. Now she's back and wants in, but I'm trying to keep her away from Illya, just in case. It's all go here.

This is not how I saw my Sunday going...
My default

Oh, what a day and thanks for the good thoughts.

We decided to bite the bullet and took Illya to the vet. He was as good as gold for the entire two hours (groan). He tested negative for leukemia and ear mites, but positive for ring worm. We've got an ointment and we are treating it. It was a little scary waiting because this was the vet who took over the building when our regular vet moved. We had one of our cats put to sleep in the room we were waiting in. It was a tough wait.

So, Illya now has a collar and an almost clear bill of health. Once he get his ringworm cleared up, he'll have his appointment with the vet to be neuter. The hardest part is keep him away from the other cats. At least he knew exactly what a cat box is for, confirming what I think - he was owned, but got out.

Tomorrow morning, I will need to clean the cat carrier out because Misty has a date with the vet to become a lady. That mean she will be moving into the study for a few days until she's healed up.

It's all go here.