May 18th, 2016

Jenny 2

Meanwhile, back at the cat cave...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jenny seems to be none the worse for her ordeal. This morning she was the same affectionate and mischievous little kitty as she was Sunday morning. She is healing well and has stopped over reacting to every little noise. She slept with me last night and is doing all other things cat as is necessary.

Outside, Illya has vanished yet again, although Misty is staying around. I am going to make an appointment with my regular vet to see what he will charge me to fix her and board her for a night, so we don't have to bring her in and stress out our guys anymore. She is such a sweet thing, I am hoping someone will see her and immediately fall in love. My outside cats seem to have vanished and I have a feeling it's because of Meanie Cat. Every morning we heard a cat fight now. The last few mornings there have been no cats around to feed at all.

Otherwise, we are headed to 95 today and I think I might have spoken too soon about having eluded the UTI. I have a 'feeling' today. Thankfully I have meds, so I can start treatment immediately if that's the case.

Is it wrong to wish is was the weekend already? Of course, it is going to be 70 with rain on Saturday and Sunday. :P
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So, yeah the UTI is a reality now. I can't sleep so I'm wondering. This is something that sparky955 and I were discussing.

What makes us fans? What is it about our makeup that drives us to obsess over shows to the point of collecting stuff, writing fanfic, Squeeing endlessly? I couldn't answer that. I just know it makes me insanely happy. so what do you think? What makes a fan a fan?

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