May 19th, 2016

one cat short

A report on the second most expensive cat in the world

Just got back from the vet. Illya is now in his hands. He had a bad abscess, ring worm, fleas and an ear infection (that would have left him deaf if it hadn't been treated). He is going to be cleaned up, treated for his various issues, get all his shots and be made a gentleman. He's going to have to stay in for a couple of days as he will have a cone of shame on. At least I know he's being treated well and will be in good hands. All for a cat we aren't keeping...

Next up is Misty...
minion chef

Eat up

When you eat, do you eat your favorite item first, last or mix it up?

What do you usually drink during a meal?

After you've eaten, do you have dessert immediately or wait a bit?