May 23rd, 2016

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Watched the best movie last night

I'm notorious for bailing on movies, but last night we watched one that was so captivating, I didn't even pause it to use the restroom! It was from Studio Ghibli and called When Marnie was There.

Its artwork was incredible and beautifully rendered, the story line was captivating and the characters wonderfully flawed. Yup, it's a keeper.

So glad today is Monday for it means an appointment with my orthopedic surgery/doctor about my knee. It's been killing me for a month now, but, of course, today it feels fine. *sigh* Go figure. Hopefully the doc will be able to tell me if it's related to my back or if I need to see a knee specialist. Fingers crossed either way.

Hope everyone had a good weekend or that it was at least a positive change from a week of work.

*hugs* and welcome to the last week of May. Where the heck did it go?


I had this as a kid!

Mum tried do hard to make me a girly girl. :D

Damn... and one of these, too, but it was a gift...

And I remember Mum using one of these...