May 26th, 2016


Yay, long weekend

This is my Friday and I'm looking forward to have some time off to relax a bit. Not that I'll get it, but I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I get to meet my new doctor and I'm hoping he will figure out what's going on with the knee. It felt pretty good yesterday, but by the evening, it was as unhappy as before. I'm just hoping it's not a two hour wait as is usual with Alpine Orthopedics. They are good, but they aren't fast.

Then tomorrow night we are headed over to Barb's for a drink with her and Jeff, then we will go over to her favorite restaurant, Macaroni Grill, for dinner. It's going to be warm enough that we will be able to eat outside - it's always a little quieter that way and we can hear all about her trip to Italy and the Alps.

Saturday will bring the usual chores and I have to pick up the ingredients for sweet potato salad as we are going to Chef's and Irene's house for a barbecue with her oldest daughter, husband and kid. It will be fun, although not as much fun as if it was just the four of us, but that will be July up at the bunkhouse.

Sunday, we see highs in the mid 90's and will be heading over to Jeff's for our first pool party of the season. His daughter and her partner will be there, so I know there will be good times. Those two are always a hoot. I'm a little worried that the pool won't be warm enough, but if it isn't, I'll hang out over in the hot tub instead.

Are you tired yet? I am just thinking about all of this. Thankfully, we have Monday off and I'm hoping to just crash and burn that day. At least I can sort of rest up at work today. It is proving to be very quiet so far. I have a couple of bills to pay, about five minutes of filing and that's it. At least I have an eye doctor's appointment and chores (bank & post office) to break up the day.

All is quiet on the cat front. Misty visited us for a little while on Monday, but then vanished again. We are back to our usual three: Ringtail, Little Black and Grey, with visits from Meanie cat to shake things up. He and Titan got into it last night, but no one was hurt. This morning, Titan had an upset stomach and there were several spots to clean up, but he seems settled now. I switched out his cat food, so hopefully that will do it.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?