June 5th, 2016

Pals for life

An invitation and a challenge to pay it forward.

Some time ago, st_crispins created a day by which people were encouraged to connect with their fannish friends and just say thanks or let them know that they were appreciated. I think it was in May and I totally missed it - let's blame London - so I'm going to pretend that today is that day and offer you a challenge.

Select one, five, ten, thirty, etc. of your LJ friends and let them know what they mean to you. They might not be someone who posts a lot, preferring to lurk in the shadows, but who is always there for you. It could be someone who makes you laugh, shake your head in wonder, or just better for knowing them.

Send them a PM and let them know what their presence here means to you. It could be just a short - thanks, you're great - note to a long outpouring of affection/emotion.

Then sit back and wait.

Now whether you chose to do this or not is up to you, but I can guarantee that if you do this, you will feel really good about yourself because you've made someone's day much brighter.
bad feeling

Feeling silly

Have you ever gotten out of the shower/bath and started to dry off before realizing you forgot to rinse the conditioner from your hair?

Have you ever gone into a store for something, then totally forgot what you were there for?

Have you ever started to give someone your phone number and couldn't remember it?

Yeah, that's the sort of day I've had.

What are some of the silly things you've done?