June 10th, 2016

Pals for life

The Friday Five

1. How many close friends do you have?
2. Do you make friends easily or more slowly?
3. Who is your friend of longest standing? How often do you talk to him/her?
4. Do you think that your closest friends today will be your closest friends ten years from now?
5. What's the best basis for friendship: shared values, shared opinions, or shared activities?

1. I guess the definition of close would matter. Friends for whom I would do anything - about eight.

2. Pretty quickly, although not always

3. That would be George. I met her in high school in 1972 and we are still good friends. She lives in New Hampshire and I have to confess that we don't talk as much as I'd like.

4. As many of my friends have been in my life for decades, barring death, I think they will be.

5. Respect for each other, shared interests and values, but not everything has to be mutual. The ability to be relaxed, laugh, and enjoy each other's company is primo for me.
My default

I've been a bit remiss here

and haven't updated all week. There just hasn't been much news worthy to mention. Yesterday we gritted our teeth and moved everything out of the dining room. Barb came over in the afternoon and helped me pack up the china hutches. A dozen Xerox boxes and we still ran out. I can't believe there was that much stuff in them.

After we finished, we sat around and had some wine, a Unruly Red blend from Manteca - very nice, indeed - and talked. Couldn't tell you one thing that we talked about, it was just this and that. Then we decided that pizza would be good. We ordered it, but had it delivered to her place as we had no place to eat, except on the clean carpet from last weekend.

She left to go home and that's when TBG opened up a letter from Pacific Graft and Extortion that said we had chosen to go with a third party gas company. I'd talked with someone apparently pretending to be from PG &E about a rate change, but I had not agreed to a change. We got that straightened out post haste.

Just as we were pulling up to Barb's, Dante's was driving away. We hadn't expected them to deliver so soon, but it was fine. Barb had the table set, so all we had to do was sit down and gorge ourselves on Stockton's best pizza (1/2 Hawaiian with double red onions/1/2 Californian (meat, green peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, etc.). As we ate we talked and told stories of our childhood - it was great.

That leads to today. I'd arranged for the guys in the back to move the china cabinet (it's in three pieces) and the table. I waited all morning and no sign of them. Then the manager called to say the carpet guy was there and ready. TBG was on his way home, so I said that he could start on the stairs until we got the cabinets moved. In desperation, I called the theatre. Guess they'd been waiting for me to call them. Brian and CJ came over and got the cabinets shifted in a matter of minutes. Then the office called and said the carpet people were going to finish up on anther job first, so they would be here between one and two. Okay...

That left me just enough time to make lunch for us and then dash out to Bevmo to get two gift cards for Brian and CJ to thank them. Also picked up a couple more bottles of Unruly Red and headed home.

Now we sit and wait for the carpet people. Afterwards, Barb is coming back to help us unpack things. I suspect that will take much more time. It would also be nice if maybe not everything went back in the hutch. So much stuff!

So that's my wild and crazy Friday. It will be nice to have this all done and everything back to normal. Then it will be onto the planning for the luau. :D Summer no ka oi!