June 17th, 2016

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The Friday Five for June 17, 2016

1. Do you like smiling?
2. Would you call yourself a happy or solemn individual?
3. What was that last thing that made you smile or laugh?
4. Do you believe that laughter is the best medicine?
5. Are you smiling now?

1. I do like to smile - it makes people wonder what I'm up to.

2. For the most part, I'm a very happy individual. This week, it's been a little hard because of all the crap in Orlando and whatnot.

3. Reading an e mail from a friend in Orlando. It let us know that his wife had come through surgery fine and gave us a phone number. She has been having issues from her reconstructive cancer surgery.

4. I truly do believe that. I think you need to heal both physically and mentally to properly recover from a bad situation. For me, at least, laughter is a big part of that process.

5. You know I am. :D
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This is too much fun

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As travelers at all scales know, the world in general is pretty badly organized. You can spend a long time questing for a particular house number on a rural road, or get thrown clear across a city just by mixing up "street" with "avenue." More pressingly, according to the what3words website, about four billion of the world's people lack a consistent home address, and thus are unable to reliably get deliveries, report facility outages, or file for official documents. Under the what3words system, the company says, "everyone and everywhere now has an address."

It is possible to imagine some difficulties with implementation, as what3words relies on people having access to the app. If nothing else, though, what3words has turned the entire world into a series of short, Dadaesque poems. Take a jaunt around your own neighborhood with this handy map. Or, in a couple of weeks, try sending some mail to this giant statue of Genghis Khan, now located at "undulations.cheer.androids."

url to the map location is here:

So, I visited and it's addictive!

My city is now: target.pizza.likely. I work at: stews.composers.suffice (which makes sense in an odd way) and live on bank.sends.corner. The Big Guy works at: index.amber.clean.
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So, I’m not very good at this daily stuff, since I think my last post was last Friday or thereabouts.
The days tumble one into the other and not very much seems to happen. Then it’s the end of the week and there’s all this stuff that has gone on and I’m left to wonder.

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Because of sallymn I decided to join picowrimo this month. It’s resulted in my having outlined the rest of the Alphabet Affair and taken what was supposed to be a slap dab bit of S&S and made it into a full-blown story. I’ve been enjoying it.

Add to the mix the usual bout of housework and cooking and you have my week. As I said, nothing much of anything.
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1776 - our review


Theater review: '1776' should be required viewing for Congress
By Lori Gilbert

Today’s Congress should be required to see “1776,” to gain a little humility, a little perspective, and a little dose of what being a leader and a patriot is all about.

If the founders of the Declaration of Independence could compromise on something as vile and important as slavery, certainly today’s lot ought to be able to rationally debate how many bullets in a magazine are appropriate for sane gun owners.
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