June 19th, 2016

comedy and tragedy

a very short review of 1776

We went to see 1776 last night and it was over-the-top. The casting was spot on and the vocals incredible. Matt’s John Adam was perfect, strong, yet unsure, determined, yet so frustrated. Mike’s Ben Franklin was so funny, the devilishness of the character coming through.

The staging was clean and sharp, although there was a bit more pacing than I cared for. I think it’s okay for a character to stand still now and again. Even the set and the oleo worked perfectly. The choreography for Cool
Considerate Men was perfect and I think that there wasn’t a dry eye for Mama Look Sharp.

I was proud to think of what our forefathers went through to make this country begin and I only wish that our current congress had half the balls as Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and the others.

Overall, I give this high marks all around. I’m very proud of my theatre!