June 21st, 2016


It's nearly over

Tuesday, I mean. Anyone who know me, knows I have no love for Tuesdays. This one dawned without much promise for wonderfulness. I slept well last night, but woke up with a stiff shoulder. Some stretching and aspirin helped.

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Work has been pretty good. Sales are strong and yesterday I earned my paycheck twice over :D. We have also had SCT Jr. start and we now have forty ankle bitters running around the theatre. They are good kids and so funny, but so, so noisy as only kids can be. Tomorrow the parents can start to buy tickets for Mulan, so that will be a nightmare. It will also be more money in the till. This is when we start to build up our reserves for the coming year.

On Sunday, we have auditions for Sister Act and we are hoping for a good turnout for that. It will audition Sunday and Monday, then cast and have the first read through on Wednesday night. I don't know how James is doing it as he's also running the children's program during the day. Two shows at the same time, plus we still have 1776 on stage. It's a crazy time - it must be the summer. :P

So, that's me. Oh, Misty is doing well and in another week and a few days, she will be going in to become a lady. A-a-a-a-a-nd a beautiful brown tabby has started turning up in the mornings. He's quite sweet and if he remains, he will be my next 'project' - just what I need.

Happy First Official Day of Summer/Winter