June 22nd, 2016

Rangi 2

Okay, this one is a little weird

Not everyone believes in past lives, although I've always felt that there is something to be said for it. To those ends, I decided to try this test, How did you die in a former life

I ended up with:


Water was not your friend in a past life! On the upside, you know how to swim now (we hope!), so there's really no need to panic.

Okay, now it could be nothing, but I am terrified of sunken things, like ships or even tree stumps. It's a fear I've had for as long as I can remember and there's no real reason for it, either, according to my family. Flying over Pearl Harbor, I can't look out the window without getting physically ill. Someone posted some shots of partially submerged vessels and I had a severe panic attack. Perhaps I was on a ship that went down. Who knows? It might also explain why I am drawn to the ocean and to big ships. Maybe I was on the Titanic! :D The results were just... weird. In any event, I'm taking them with a grain of salt (water).
My default

Oh, man...

This isn't good. They just put the theatre on lock down because we had a woman sitting in our parking lot, a guy who argued violently with her running around and the cops are trying to find him. With forty-seven kids inside, we can't take any chances, but it just makes me feel very weird.

Is it time to go home yet?
Happy Piggy

Just wondering

I would have killed for a horse when I was seven. What is it about little (or big) girls and horses? What makes us so drawn to them?

Is there something guys are drawn to like girls are drawn to horses?