June 25th, 2016

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Soup's on!

thought while there was a lull in traffic, I would try to dash off a post.

Last night we went over to Jeff's to swim. The day was about 95, so the water was perfect. We swam for a couple of hours, then paused to have drinks and popcorn. After that and while the guys were changing (I'd already gotten out as I get colder faster than they do), I started on dinner.

We began with chicken and lemongrass rollups and pork potstickers. The accompanying sauce with a sesame seed teriyaki.

The entrée was Crying Tiger Steak salad. You pan sear the steak(which was marinated in soyu, fish sauce and sugar), then you make a relish of chilies, onions, tomatoes, garlic, fish sauce, sugar and lime juice. The salad is a combination of cilantro, mint, shallots, green onions, then topped with the steak and a dressing made from chicken broth, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. You serve it with tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. It’s light and very refreshing, but you do need to enjoy Thai cooking.

For dessert, TBG made rose & coconut ice cream, drizzled with a rose syrup and served with dried rose petals. It was accompanied by a meringue, a macaroon, and pistachios It was very tasty.

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If anyone would like the recipes, let me know.
Happy cat


This morning I headed out the front door to dump the trash and there was Misty with two kittens!  One is white, Siamese influence, and the other is a grey tabby like her.  They are terrfied of people, so they ran when they saw me.  When we came back from shopping, they had taken up residence under the cover for our grill. I spooked the little tabby when I put a towel down and (s)he got her/his head stuck in the wire we have block the bottom of the garden wall. It took me a minute to get him/her free. So scared. I cuffed the kitten, who relaxed and put him down on the towel.

Now I know why Bast was keeping me from taking Misty to the vet!
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If you could go through a Star Gate, would you? In case, you don't know what Star Gate is, you can read about it here

Are you an explorer or not so much?

If aliens came to visit, would you treat them as guests or invaders?
Happy cat

Wait - hold the phone!

There's another one. Now we are up to three kittens - two grey tabbies and a white one. She is such a good mom. They came out and explored the patio. Tomorrow we will set up a little box for them and try to get them used to us. this is so exciting.