July 1st, 2016

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For Gevr

Title - Illya and Spike

“Oi, watch were you’re going!”

“Sorry, I didn’t know this ditch was occupied.”

“Hey, can’t a guy even take… do I smell blood? That you?”

Cough. “Yes, I was at a party and didn’t want to stay anymore.”

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For Jkkitty

Title: The Games's Afoot.
Prompt: Illya and Sherlock

“My word, Kuryakin! Is there anything I can do?”

“I’m not sure. All we have are these animal entrails. Napoleon has gone to interview the witnesses in the main house to see if they have any clues as to their meaning.”

“I don’t think he’s going to get much out of them.”

“Why do you say that?”

“First, it is a rather foggy day and the likelihood that they were actually able to see anything is rare. I suspect these game animals were slaughtered and then gutted, possibly for food.”

“Why would you say that?

“Because of what was left behind, the stomach, pancreas, intestines. Not edible by most. As for the remains, it’s alimentary. The game's afoot”

I did warn you that I can't write Sherlock...

For ravena_kade

Title: One Night in a Cemetery
Prompt: a conversation between Spock and Willow

“You shouldn’t be out here, mister.”

“Pardon me, Miss? I was wondering if you could direct me to… I believe it’s called The Bronze?”

“The Bronze? Sure, why don’t I take you there? What are you doing wandering around a cemetery this late at night?”

“I am looking for someone.”

“Hey, me, too. Don’t take offense, but your hat is a little warm for this weather.”

“I am told it is a fashion statement.”

“Well, whoever told you that better keep his daytime job... Collapse )
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Just wondering.

I know I've been bad about answering folks on here as of this week. Between the kittens, work being insane and my back, the time has gotten away from me.

So, do you remember a time when doctors used to make house calls? Do you wish they still did?

Without getting too specific, what's in your wallet?