July 2nd, 2016

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For missdiane

Title: And You Meet, not Strictly by Chance
Prompt - Napoleon and Lt. Barclay (for anyone who doesn't know Lt. Barclay, he is an insecure and charming officer on the Starship Enterprise (Next Gen). Check out the link for more info on him.

“Excuse me, are you Napoleon Solo?”

“That’s right. Have we met? I don’t seem to recall—“

“No, never before. I’m Lt Barclay and I need your help… your special kind of help.”

“I’m not sure I’m following you, Mr… Lt. Barclay. What sort of special help do you mean?”

“I’ve been watching you a long time--”


“Not like that. I… well, you see… there’s a… a woman.”

“Ah, that sort of help. You have come to the right place, Lt. You want some pointers?”

“Please. You are so suave and comfortable around women and I’m… not. Hopeless?”

“Never! If I can housetrain Illya, I can do anything.”
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Minion Banana3

For Alton_lust

Title - Seventh Kevin
Prompt - Waverly and Minions


“What? Oh, hello. You are one of Mr. Kuryakin’s little yellow friends, aren’t you?”


“Yes, well I can certainly agree with that, whatever that is… did you need something?”

“Para tu.”

“You are giving me this report?”


“Speak up, please. You are mumbling.”

“Para tu? Da Kupadi”

“Oh, Mr. Kuryakin’s report. And you’ve illustrated it. How… helpful.”


“Yes, I do believe I see some polka dots. Miss Samuels, will you ask Mr. Kuryakin to join us?”


“Yes, Kupadi. I think I have a very important mission. No, put the bazooka away. This will require stealth, cunning and wit. Most important, it will be far away from here.”

“Tank ku! Tulaliloo ti amo!”

“You are welcome. Please stop kissing me.”

“No muka, muka, muka?”

“Or that either. Why I agree to this, I will never know. Oh, that’s right, you work for peanuts.”

“Pinukes? No, mananas…”

Minion speak
Bello - Hello
Kupad - Kuryakin
Para tu – for you
Underwear – I swear
Pokata - whatever
Tank ku – thank you
Tulaliloo ti amo - I love you
Muka, muka, muka – kiss, kiss
Pinukes - peanuts
Mananas - bananas
Happy Piggy

Some more fun

How old is your inner kid?

You really act like a fifty year old! One of the things you pride yourself on is your knowledge of yourself. With absolute certainty, you know your likes and dislikes, what floats your boat and what doesn't. However, be cautious that you don't try to avoid new things because they change your routine. Career-wise, you're a complete pro, the best of the best. You know the in's and out's of your business so well, you may own it!

Well, considering I'm 58 this year, I don't think acting my age is a bad thing.

How about you?

How Old Do You Really Act?

For Sparky955

Title: Not All That it Seems
Prompt: Kate Weston and Sapphire. Kate Westin is the wife of Dan Westin (David McCallum), the 1975 version of The Invisible Man.

“Danny, where are you? Danny?!”

“Have you lost someone?”

“Oh, I didn’t see you standing there. I could have sworn I was alone.”

“I’m frequently overlooked. In my line of work, it’s often a great advantage.”

“Who could over look you? I wish I had your figure.”

“Thank you.”

“Is something wrong? You went quiet all of a sudden.”

“Oh, just thinking of someone. He was supposed to meet me here, but he’s been delayed.

“You, too? I guess we’re just a couple of stood up dates. I’m Kate Westin, by the way.”

“I am Sapphire.”

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