July 4th, 2016


For Sallymn

Title: Not All That They Seem
Prompt: Ducky (NCIS) and Sapphire

“Steel? Don’t you remember me? What’s happened to you? You’re old.”

“I’m not that old. I’m sorry, young lady. You have obviously mistaken me for someone else. My name is Donald Mallard, but my friends call me Ducky.”

“This isn’t possible. You must try to remember, Steel. We were sent here, our powers taken in an attempt to save us.* We became separated. When They called us back, we couldn’t find you. I looked, so did Silver and Lead.”

“Miss, I think you need a glass of water or perhaps something a wee bit stronger. Who was this Steel person to you, a brother, perhaps?”

“My partner. We worked together. We were… very close.”

“Well, I could certainly understand that. It would be very easy to become attached to such a lovely lady. However, I can assure you that whoever you are looking for, I am not he.”
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