July 7th, 2016


For Lost_spook

Title: The Librarians
Prompt: Sapphire and Giles.

My apologies for the delay in this. Real life has been kicking my butt this week.

“Excuse me, have you seen a young woman pass by? There would be a red haired girl and a brash young man with her.”

“I think perhaps I did see someone fitting that description in the fiction section.”

“You are English?”

“After a fashion.”

“May I help you find something? You frequently need a roadmap to figure out the Sunnydale Library.”

“No, I am just waiting for my partner to finish up some business. I love libraries. So quiet, so peaceful. So… fragrant, I suppose is as good a word as any. I love how books smell.”

“My… my word, are you a librarian, too?”
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Illya sneaking

For A_phoenixdragon

Title: Run
Prompt: Illya and the Ninth Doctor.

My apologies if this version of The Doctor sounds a bit like Ten. He's the one I'm most comfortable writing.



“Not what. Run, NOW!”

What are we running from?”

“You don’t want to know?”

“Actually I do. I’m armed.”

“Me, too, and legged. Use them!”
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