July 8th, 2016

Run Away!

What were they thinking?

From Don't Make it. Quoting the site in part:

1 pint cold cooked macaroni
½ pint cooked or tinned pears
½ pint grated raw carrot
French dressing to moisten
2 heaped tablespoons minced onion
½ pint cooked or minced string beans
Mix the chopped macaroni and vegetables; moisten with French dressing, flavoring with garlic if liked. Serve on a dish lined with lettuce leaves. Decorate with mayonnaise and minced pimento or chives.

The article is about this one particular cookbook in Davis’s cook book collection. Ulster Fare, from 1945 had the following note wedged inside:

“Italian salad p50. Sounds just about the most revolting dish ever devised.”

For more, check out: Italian salad
Run Away!

Here we go!

Well, we are going to give the bunkhouse a go this weekend. There's still no water, but the plumbing is working, so at least the toilet will flush when we fill the tank. I have promised TBG two days, but I have packed for four, just in case. Everyone except God is supposed to be descended upon the bunkhouse today (guess who is providing lunch for them?), so hopefully something will be figured out.

This means that I will be totally off line from this morning until Tuesday afternoon, worse case scenario. Otherwise, we will head home on Sunday.

I'll miss everyone. Stay safe and well. Have a fabulous weekend and, yes, I'll take photos!

TV Fun

Just wondering

I'm off camping for the weekend, but here are some questions that might entertain you in my absence

Who's your favorite actress beginning with the letter J?

Who's your favorite actor beginning with the letter K?

What's your favorite film beginning with the letter L?

What's your favorite TV show beginning with the letter M?