July 11th, 2016

happy hedgehog

I'm baaaack

I will be posting a much longer, diary entry in a bit, but I am once again back in the cyber world. The trip was fabulous, if without running water - at least the plumbing worked. I will catch up with everyone, I swear! Until then rock on!
Illya sneaking

For Ragnarok_08

Title - A Chance Meeting
Prompt - Illya and Buffy?

This is the last of the dialogue meme requests. I hope that you have enjoyed reading these pieces. Maybe we'll do it again soon!

“Hey, Mister, are you okay?”

“Wha… what happ…”

“Don’t know. There are some real uglies out here tonight. Come on, let’s get you up...”

“You’re strong.”

“Yeah, I credit pilates at the Y.”



“So it would appear.”Collapse )