July 27th, 2016

kitten in leaves

So, so glad Tuesday is over.

You know you are in for a bad day when your brake light comes on and you hit every freaking red light on the way home. We took the car over to our mechanic last night (after he assured us, based upon what I said, that the car was okay to drive). He's also going to look at the a/c, which has been playing silly buggers since the middle of the month. At times it's so cold, it forms icicles. Then it heats up to very hot, then cold, then sort of hot, then coldish and so on. Something tells me that it's not operating quite right.

Today is my boss's going away party. I have spent the last week dogging people for their money for the dinner and yesterday the last couple paid... except for the board president, who was the driving force behind this and making all the board cough up extra money for Kevin and his family. TBG and I even sprung for two appetizer platters, but she has put done one penny. Just goes to show, and yes, yesterday, I sent an update and reminded her that she still owed for the dinner.

Heard back from my hygienist and sadly her dance troupe has two shows on the day of the luau. No dancing for us. However, they are going to be performing the next day at the Obon Festival, so I am planning on going to see they dance. Might drag Jeff along with me, if he's interested. TBG allowed as he might be too tired to want to bother with it.

Still hot. It was 107 yesterday and today it's supposed to be even warmer. When it hits 103 in Jackson, it's just too damn hot. No relief in sight until Sunday when we 'cool' to 94. I'm ready for the fall.