July 28th, 2016

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So very tired of this. I got so sick at Kevin's party last night and spent much of the night in the bathroom. TBG got me some med, but it doesn't seem to be doing much. Guess it's time to consider going to the doctor. And I'm going to take my first sick day this year. Even though it's the last day working with Kevin, it makes sense. If I'm going to spend the day on the john, it's better to be mine. I'm wondering if too much salt caused this, as I remember being really thirsty just before it hit on Friday and last night it was the same thing. We don't use a lot of salt in our regular diet and I wonder if that's the culprit behind all of this.

Kevin's party went off very well, despite the Board president making a big deal out of getting him a cake and then blowing it off. Thankfully our waitress, Christa, was a former student of Jeff's, Barb's and mine, so she went above and beyond. The kitchen threw something together (homemade vanilla ice cream, blueberries and topped with a chocolate sauce) for us. Everyone really liked her and the venue. We were practically the only ones in the restaurant, so I'm sure they appreciated out business. Kevin was very sweet and said some lovely things about us and then singled me out as to the reason he succeeded in his job. I was really flattered. It's nice to be noticed for the good stuff for a change. :P

No idea how much I will be on line today, so I will wish you all a happy and hopefully cool Thursday.
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I have to share this

missdiane sent me this link and I was happily playing it and then scrolled down to find this comment.

*I don’t get what the big deal is about Obama, I don’t even know his last name! Or why he’s so popular, not like I’ve seen him in any good movies* (Lexi1025)

I'm serious - this is an actual quote from someone. I pray it's not someone in the US.