August 1st, 2016

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I am in such trouble

I promised myself I wouldn't fall in love with the new kitten, which is why I'm sitting on the floor in the kitchen while Patachoux ( I about dropped my teeth when TBG announced that was her name - he knew nothing Of our much missed Svetlanacat's Patachou. His explanation - she keeps kneading, so she must be a baker cat) climbs all over me. She is so lonely and wants to be with us, but we kept her in the bathroom last night, as we haven't had her vetted by the vet yet. At least she is box trained.

Now she is happily curled up between my legs, kneading my old denim shirt and purring to beat the band... and I can feel myself slipping with each passing moment.

Last night's Willie Awards was such a shambles and I was a little embarrassed. The kid who 'directed' it had the organizational skills of a gnat. There were no programs, no announcement cards, the 'tributes' to each show were chopping, hard to see and uneven. When it came time for Kevin's 'big event' - Dominee had organized a flash mob. Opps, did that mean she was supposed to actually organize something? Just like with the cake for the party on Wednesday, she totally blew it off. She finally managed to get a going away gift at 5:30 - we start at 6. The flash mob ended up being a slide show and "Oh, you can sing if you know the words to Razzle Dazzle. It was embarrassing.

And then there was the food. Judy must have bought at least $500 worth of food - there was so much and not that many people... I suspect a lot of folks took home leftovers last night and I shudder to think what my office looks like. At least the bills are paid and payroll has been handed out.

Then this morning I got an e mail from her announcing that the new Artistic Director will be at the theatre at two today. Can we (the office staff) be there to meet him. Um, it's Araceli's only day off, Sceona never comes in on Mondays, but I'll be there... until three. Another bit of her excellent planning.

Oooo, I can tell I'm going to be in special mood today. At least I got four hours of sleep last night or the day would be a total lost.

One bit of happiness, our heat wave have broken and there was a deliciously cool wind last night. It was lovely to sleep with the windows open again. Here's hoping it lasts at least until next Sunday!
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What is your true Moon Sign?

You are: The Optimistic Leo

Your personality shines gloriously and you have an undeniable energy. If someone denies you your proper place of respect or authority you do not respond well. You are in your element when you are being admired for your amazing wit, charm and intelligence. With your sharp intellect comes a tendency to process to quickly and this makes you miss subtle clues in communication with others.

Since your mind is moving so fast and intently, you tend to process things quickly and overreact at times. Although in general, your outlook tends to be very optimistic and this is probably due to the fact that Leos are very lucky people, and good things come your way.

I think I can live with this. especially the processing quickly and overreacting bit.