August 2nd, 2016

Happy cat

Oh, dear lord...

He said yes and Happy Birthday. Last night we took Patachou to the vet and he (I was so hoping it was a girl) was given a clean bill of health. He is two pounds and approximately five-six weeks old. Last night he stayed in the kitchen, but this morning he is out and about and has met the other three. They are fascinated, but a little unsure just yet. At least Jenny had come down and is interacting with him. Photos to follow.

Why can't I stop crying? I'm so freaking happy - I feel like svetlanacat4 has sent me the best birthday present ever.
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Just wondering

How quickly do you return phone calls?

When you call someone, will you leave a message or call back later?

Have you ever called a wrong number and ended up having a conversation with the person who answered?