August 5th, 2016

minion hula

Hello, World!

Yes, it was just 58 years ago today that I made my first appearance, much to the embarrassment of my sister and the delight of my brother (apparently I was a chick magnet my first year out). It's been a helluva ride and a great one, to be honest. It was on my 18th birthday forty years ago that I got my first real kiss (and it was from The Big Guy). Gosh, so much time has passed and yet it seems like yesterday.

Last night we had all four cats on the bed. Despite my hopes, Patachou seems to favor my side... The other cats are warming up to him - right now he and Titan are playing chase. For something that didn't even know what stairs were a few days ago, Patachou has conquer them (it helps if you skip every third one on the way down). He has also decided that Pyewacket is his best friend, something she doesn't share. I give it to him, he is persistent.

We started our cooking last night. We did the papaya seed dressing, the haupia, the marshmallow sauce and the Hawaiian potato salad. Today I have started the Kalua pig, put the rub on the ribs, and will soon bone the chicken for the the chicken long rice. All that will be left is to do the sweet potatoes with coconut and the two remaining salads. Everything else will be done tomorrow at the party. This afternoon is slated for decorating at Jeff's and then it's into the pool with Dante's pizza for dinner as a chaser.

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