August 8th, 2016

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The Alphabet Affair - I

Title: The Alphabet Affair - I
Genre: Slash, eventually
Word count: 882

They are one step closer to their quarry, but Illya feels a million miles away from his. Written for the Beta Challenge on MFUWSS. Prompt: Ice and Invisible. My thanks to Sparky for her beta.

Illya watched the people come through the gate and was beginning to grow concerned when he saw a familiar shape moving among the crowd. Napoleon exited and nodded to his partner.

“How was your flight?” he asked casually. To anyone around them, it would appear that Illya was simply on hand to greet an old friend.

“Rotten. Yours?”

“The child apparently had an ear infection, a situation compounded by the altitude. The mother was less that sympathetic. I believe her comment to the stewardess was that she should try living with it. I now know why some animals eat their young. He finally fell asleep over Colorado.”

“I had a chatter. All the way across, except when she fell asleep. Then she snored.” Napoleon led the way to baggage claim. Both men approached slowly, scanning the crowd, looking for anything, anyone who might raise a red flag. The area was filled with people coming and going. “I believe we are Carousel Three.”
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It's a wrap!

It was a great weekend, but I feel as if I've been dragged behind a train today. Talk about being wiped out.

We did most of the cooking Friday morning and then headed over the Jeff's place to set up and decorate. We decided to go with an understated look as opposed to making it too kitschy. With all his flowers and greenery, we had to do very little except put up some lights and dress the table.

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It was a helluva weekend and a complete blast, but I am sure glad to be on this side of it and know that there is nothing to do this week after work except rest. It was so incredibly kind of Jeff to let us use his backyard and he said that it was more fun than he'd had in a long time. It was the perfect setting and it was nice to have all that room. His generosity was a major reason for the party's success. It's good.
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Request for some good thoughts

I just got back from taking Patachou to the vet. They think he might have FIP. He's running a high fever and not eating or drinking. They've given him some shots and some IV fluids. The little guy is not doing very well, so any good thoughts that you can spare for him would be great. I'm more than a little worried.