August 10th, 2016

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A Patachou update

first, let me just say how much I have appreciated all the support, prayers, and kindness that you have extended to us and little Patachou. It has helped us so much!

When I spoke with the vet at four yesterday, Patachou's temperature was down to 102.5 which is normal for a cat/kitten and he was eating a little.  The vet wasn't sure if it was because of the IV hydration or the antibiotic.  When I spoke with him again a couple of hours later, it had increased up to 103.8, which is still down from 105.9 yesterday morning.

I am going to call around ten this morning and will hopefully have good news. I am really hoping the tests will be back today and we will know if we can bring our little one home.

On the, 'Why do you do this to me, Bast?' one of his littermates has started hanging out on our front patio. It's a long haired tabby and I'm sure it's from the same litter. Unlike Patachou, this one is pretty wild and not approachable... yet.

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As promised - shots from the luau

I tried to get these in groupings that make sense. The first ones were taken during set up and we didn't have the flowers yet. The second part of the first group shows some of the flowers. We had four hibiscus plants, ten orchids (four of which went home with our guests), a beautiful live anthurium plant and then the flowers from Cousin Glenn. Added to all of Jeff's plants, it really did feel like tropical splendor.

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Each of the buffet items were marked, so people would know what was what. I'm sorry that I didn't think to take any shots of the apps, but my mind was too busy at that moment to remember photos.

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I took these after dinner as it was getting dark. Everyone looks so serious in the photos, but I can assure you the mood was anything but.

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Thank so much for coming with me on this adventure! It was a great party and I wish you all could have been there!
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Another update on Patachou

Just finished talking with the vet. His temperature is back to normal and he's active and eating. He is going to keep him there today for observation, but if all goes well, he will be coming home tonight.

My thanks to everyone for all their prayers. I know that is what made the difference! You guys rock my world!
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A heartfelt YEE HAW

Just spoke with the vet. Patachou does not have FIP. He's still running a fever and Doctor is keeping him for another night, just to be sure. Doctor says that he's eating and looking much brighter. I can't help but think that a lot of this little miracle was because of all my friends here and their prayers. Thank you all so much for all that you did for my little muffin man and for me. Seriously, you guys are the BEST!