August 12th, 2016

cat in tulips

The Friday Five

1. Do you like ketchup or tomatoes or both?
2. Do you like grape jelly/jam or purple grapes or both?
3. Do you like cider or apples or both?
4. Do you like cream or milk or both?
5. Do you like zucchini bread or zucchini or both?

Ooo, easy questions this time.

1. Both equally.
2. Both, but I prefer grapes.
3. Both, but I can't eat raw apples.
4. Both, but stay away from cream and any milk each non fat.
5. Both, but bread has a slight advantage over the veggie.

Happy Friday

It's good to have the family intact again. After I got Patachou home, I happened to look out the back door to this:

I'm thinking this is one of Patachou's brothers or sisters. I can't even get close to him, although he does show up every morning for breakfast and then vanishes.

For his part, Patachou does seem to want me out of his sight. I'm not hating it. :D