August 17th, 2016


I was defeated. You won the war.

So, it's finally here - the day we find out is we are, indeed, going to meet our Waterloo. John said he would make the decision by today. I'm really torn. Part of me is really tired of being a roadie. Part of me will wail like a small child if this is really the end of the band.

In any event, we are expecting a massive group today. Last year it was 4,000. I suspect this year it will be that or better. I don't know that there will be much dancing. The projected high today will be 102. Ugh...

Yesterday, I went out to the car and it was totally dead. AAA came out and jumped it, but we still don't know what made the battery go dead. I am hoping it will be fine today as three other people are depending upon me for transportation to the park. We will have a total of ten people in our little group. Lots of food, laughter and hopefully not too much sweating!

This is the article that the paper ran last week. It is odd that it is more about John than the band. That sort of speaks volumes right there.