August 22nd, 2016

Another bad day

Sigh, second verse, same as the first

Today I will gather up little Bette (or Belle or Beurre)Noir and take her to the vet's. She has stopped eating and drinking. All she's doing is sleeping. Yesterday we did get nearly a bottle of baby food down her, but that was it. She seems to be going the same route as Patachou went. I was up most of the night, giving her water through a syringe. Around ten, I suddenly realized that she has peed all over the bed...

I put her in her litter box and we hurriedly changed the bed and got everything in the washer. She immediately jumped back up on the bed and started cleaning, thoroughly. She even took a lick of food, but that was it. She settled back down and didn't move for the rest of the night. I can't help but wonder if it is just a bad reaction or a variation of the bug Patachou had. Hopefully, the vet will be able to tell. For his part, he's great and into everything. What's puzzling is that she has no fever and seems bright enough to clean, purr and check stuff out, it's just the not eating and drinking that's making me crazy.

Last night while I was up with her, there was a strange noise out on the balcony. Confused, I opened the door and was greeted by a rare visitor to our shores - it was raining. It only lasted five minutes, but it was so wonderful and I took it as a sign of hope from Kamapu'ua'a, one in my pantheon of gods and goddesses. Instead of a week in the high 90's as previous forecast, we are now going to be below average (92 F.) all week. I'm not hating that at all.

So, good thoughts for the little one, please, and I will keep everyone updates. Thanks!
Another bad day

Hold the phone

She got up, used the box and then went downstairs to eat some dry food. Then she cleaned up and is now back on the bed. Is it too soon to hope that she's really okay and I'm just being an over-reactive Nervous Nellie?
I farted

Bullet dodged

Just spoke with the vet and from what I described, he thinks it was a bad reaction to the shots. The lab results aren't back yet, but as long as she keeps eating and playing, he thinks she will be fine. I'm to keep an eye on her (like I don't with all of them) and call if she starts to get sick again. Fingers and that bridge crossed.

And after some discussion, I think the kitten's name is Bette Noir. It's the one she responds to and in the end, that's what matters. I'm gonna call her Mo, though, as in Mo Betta.
exhausted bunny

A fall meme, sort of

Stolen from ragnarok_08 who got it from her friends.

🍁 Crunchy leaves: What's your favorite noise/sound to hear?
Falling rain. There's nothing quite like it.

☁ Misty mornings: What time do you wake up? What for?
About 3 to 3:30 a.m. I use the time to write, catch up on LJ and other stuff.

👕 Oversized sweaters: What sweater weather outfit are you looking forward to wearing?
It's actually too warm here in the winter for sweater outfits. Yay!

🎃 Carved pumpkins: What holidays (popular or Pagan) are you celebrating this Fall?
Samhain, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos.

👻 Ghost stories: What books are you reading, how are they?
A Ghouls guide to Do's and Don'ts by Victoria Laurie Fabulous as always!

☕ Hot coffee: What's your drink this Fall?
Coffee or hot chocolate snugglers

👐 Cold hands: Anyone to hold them?
My big guy - always

Spooky shadows: Any increased spiritual activity?
Not usually. Ever since Growl passed, it's been very quiet.

🍎 Apple pie: What's cooking? (Or planned to cook?)
We're going to have a chicken stir fry with ginger and peppers.

🔥 Scented candles: 5 favorite smells
cinnamon, lemon, mango, pineapple and citrus

☔ Hurricanes: What do you do on rainy days?
We rarely have them. If it's during the week, work. If it's on the weekend, build a fire in the fireplace and enjoy it.

🌱 Cinnamon: What are your favorite spices?
cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, all spice

🍂 Haunted hayrides: Do you see your friends over the summer or do you have to wait till fall?
We see our friends on a weekly basis, sometimes several times a week.

👺 Monster masks: What's your makeup/morning routine?
None as far as make up goes, but I do wash my face and brush my teeth. On good days, I remember to comb my hair.

🐱 Black cat: What pets do you have/want?
Five cats and for now that's more than enough!