August 24th, 2016

Happy cat

Ye gods and little fishes

So, I went back to the vet this morning. Bette Noir was acting very lethargic last night and vomited. She slept with us all night and then vomited a bit this morning. Then she brightened up and started acting interested in the world. She ate and drank several times, had some treats, even played a bit. I took her to the vet and he examined her, gave her some penicillin and an anti-nausea shot and decided that she was allergic to the vaccines. That being the case, we are holding off on the rest of her shots and not getting any for Patachou at this time. This means they are housebound, but for right now, that's fine. I am hoping to come home to her bouncing around with her brother or at least not sleeping all the time.

The good news was that she only lost a few ounces, but at only three pounds, she can't afford to lost any more. The vet said to let her eat every and anything she wants (I'd love to have a doctor tell me that).

Finger crossed that this is the end of the kitty emergencies for a while.

Edited to add - at lunch, Bette was practically taking food out of my mouth. She ate half my WW turkey, then had some wet food, then had some dry food. She was alert and wanting to play and cuddle. YAY!!!!!