September 1st, 2016

Too Cute

Hello, September

How is this possible?  It's nearly Labor Day and it seems as if Memorial Day was just a week ago.

This has been the Summer of the Cat to be sure. Not just our kittens, but also little Illya (aka Worm) and Misty with her kittens. So many trips to the vet. Hopefully that's done for a little while now.

Both Patachou and Bête Noir have settled in. We still can't get Bête to eat regular cat food. She much prefers chopping up chicken. Sigh... I'm going to start mixing it in with cat food next week to try and wean her off it. I can't believe how much bigger they are and it's so nice to pet them and not feel bones. They are tearing the house apart, running the old cats into the ground and scattering cat littler everywhere. I couldn't be happier. Yeah, I know.

We opened Sister Act last night. It seems to be selling well and we are very hopeful for a good turnout. It was slow on the uptake, mostly because marketing messed up and got the posters/flyers out late. We will see it Friday night with our friends and The Boy. Going to dinner at Masa's beforehand will be an excellent start to the evening, plus it will be the first time Ken and Nancy will see the kittens. Huge cat lovers, I suspect they will be in seventh heaven.

Writing could be better, but I managed to punch out about 5,000 words this month, so that's not too shabby.

I wish you all a good day and a great month. We all deserve it.
Shaun's ok

A different kind of just wondering today

Is there someone/something in your life you deserves a bit of praise? It might be for something small, like putting to top back on the toothpaste tube to something huge.

This is your chance. Sing it out and let's say thanks to someone/something who matters to you!

As for me -

jkkitty,gevr, nverland - my thanks to you for your daily smiles and posts. You guys mean the world to me.

sparky955what would I do without you?

The Big Guy, The Boy and all my pusses, just yeah. Is good. Is very good.

And to everyone who reads my posts, take a few minutes out of their day to comment - thanks so much for spending a little bit of your day with me!