September 3rd, 2016

comedy and tragedy

Sister Act kicked holy butt

Wow, just wow! The show had people on its feet early and never let up. High energy, totally likeable characters and I was just blown away by the voices, although I don't know why it should surprise me. we have such a talented base to pull from and James did a fabulous job casting it.

The set worked perfectly without any hitches and, although it wasn't done totally to The Boy's wishes, it was fine. Lights were a bit distracting, but maybe I'm just getting too old to appreciate moving lights.

We were very nearly sold out - I saw four empty seats right in front of the light board, although I could have sworn I sold those. Anyhow, after the show, people could not have been happier or more joyful. Yeah, even an old non-Christian like me was moved by the music. It was a fabulous evening and I'm not unhappy that we will be seeing it again.

So, so much better than the professional tour we saw a few years ago. *yay* Go, SCT!