September 5th, 2016

Happy mouse

Happy Labor Day, All!

This is a holiday that we share with our Northern cousins in Canada, so I hope the day is lovely for you as well.

We are going to celebrate it by going over for a swim at Jeff's - possibly the last one of the season, although we are headed to 97 on Wednesday, so maybe not. We are taking dinner with us and the menu is:

Grilled jerk shrimp with a sweet/spicy sauce
Gnarly Head Chardonnay (served for the meal)

Baby greens with walnuts and bleu cheese crumbs. Balsamic reduction dressing

Chicken Veronique (chicken in a sweet currant sauce with green grapes)
Harvest Grain couscous (Trader Joe's)
Seared broccolini

Mini Ice Cream Cones (from Trader Joe's)
Homemade limoncello

Should be pretty straight forward to prep. I'll do everything here and just warm it up and/or plate it there. Jeff loves it when we do this and feels pampered. For our part, I love to pamper him.

After two days of feeling off, we are both feeling much better. No idea what we got into, but neither of us felt up to much Saturday or Sunday. Thankfully, aside from shopping, there was nothing to do except rest, sleep ,and play with the cats. I could really get into this. How many more days before retirement?

Here's wishing everyone a good week. Stay safe out there.
sideways cat

just wondering

Do you have a 'widget' drawer? A widget is something that you buy to use in the kitchen, but it either doesn't work as well as it might or you only use it now and again.

What's one thing you could really use in your kitchen these days?

What's one thing you could get rid of and what's stopping you?