September 8th, 2016


Happy Fiftieth Anniversary, Star Trek!

I knew from the very first moment, that it would change my life. I would never guess how at that point. Spock taught me that it was okay to be smart and an outsider. Kirk taught how to lead or artfully tear clothes. Bones was all about loyalty and friendship, even when he didn't want to admit it.

Met my hubby at a ST club, went to many, many cons and I have never regretted a day that I had ST in my life. Rock on, guys, and here's to fifty more!

Pals for life

Feeling better now

The Boy is coming for the 24th and will be bringing his SO to meet us for the first time.  I am very excited and sort of relieved that we don't have to deal with Barb that day.  TBG is concerned because it means Barb will be all nasty about it because The Boy is ruining her plans and how dare we put our son ahead of her?  Sigh, I'm just happy they are together on the same coast again.  It's been a rough nine months.