September 9th, 2016


The Friday Five for September 9, 2016

1. Where were you on September 8, 1966? Did you watch the first episode of Star Trek that evening? If you are too young -- did your parents watch it?
2. Who is your favorite Star Trek captain, and why?
3. Who is your favorite Star Trek character of all time, and why?
4. Which Star Trek series is your favorite, and why?
5. Which Star Trek movie is your favorite, and why?

1. I was eight and the first episode was 'Man Trap.' It scared the poop out of me, but I wouldn't stop watching it. From the very first, I was hooked! Yes, my folk watched it, too, and loved it. So did my future husband, but I didn't know that yet.

2. Picard, because he was a diplomat who used his head and not his fists. He was marred and we loved him for it.

3. Spock. He was smart, cool and loyal. He was a strong friend and with him at your side, you knew everything would be okay. He taught me that it was okay to be smart and like science. Spock got me through my teenage years and I will be forever grateful.

4. Even though I adored ST:OS, ST:NG was my favorite. It was more than a weekly shoot 'em up and it deal with current issues. I liked those people and I wanted to be their friend. And like the original series, they gave me hope for the future.

5. I think ST - The Voyage Home because of the humor.
What Subtext

The Alphabet Challenge - J

Title - The Alphabet Challenge - J
Genre - slash
Rating: a soft R
Word length: 838
Prompts - Jaded and Justify!

This was the best time. Napoleon was just on the edge of waking up. Everything was soft and sweet just like the body next to him. It shifted closer and a smile escaped the still sleeping agent’s lips.

Warm, willing, what more come a man ask for? He let his body answer for him, a physical reaction as old as man himself. He nestled his erection in a well of heat in the small of the woman’s back. She responded by pressing closer. Napoleon’s body woke a bit more at the encouragement.
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coffee first

Drink up

Do you consider yourself a coffee/tea connoisseur?

If so, what type do you think is the best?

If not, do you still have some brand you prefer over another?

How about chocolate?