September 13th, 2016

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Guess I know the 60's pretty well!

How well do you know these 60's fads

You got 11 questions correct:


Well then, you were obviously a flower child, because you absolutely dominated this 60s fads quiz! Whether you were rocking some Go-Go boots or platform shoes, or if you were a little younger enjoying your new Troll dolls or Slot cars, you obviously left a piece of your heart in the 60s! Though most people have probably heard of these fads in passing, it takes a real nostalgia for all-things-60s to be able to pass this test – and you nailed it! Great job.
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Just wondering

Do you remember when your parents used to tell you stories about the hardships they suffered as kids (I had to walk ten miles to school every day)?

Have you ever played the 'When I was your age" to your kids?

Did you ever have one of these?

Hoe about one of these?