September 20th, 2016

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This has been a very quiet Tuesday so far. The post office was jammed, the bank was jammed, even CVS was busy this morning. We, OTOH, are not. There have been a few calls, but nothing like last week. That could be because we are sold out for Sunday and very near sold out for Thursday. There are some seats for Friday and Saturday, but even they are filling up fast. It's been a very good show for us and we have already crossed the 25% mark for Mary Poppins and it doesn't open until the middle of November.

The weather had started cooling a bit - we topped 102 yesterday breaking the all-time high for that date. It also gave us our 28th date above 100, tying the record set in 2003. That's not a record I'm really interested in besting any time soon. The nice part is that we are supposed to only be 77 for Thursday - but then 98 by Sunday... again. So tired of this yo-yo pattern. The air quality is horrible and the sky was yellow yesterday... yellow! That's just wrong.

Today reported that all the world religious leaders got together and issued the decision that it is wrong to go to war in God's name - any God's name. Now to convince the politicians to support them. The story is here . If only this would make a difference.
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As prompted by Missdiane

Over in MFU_Canteen, we have been sharing photos of various parts of our homes. We started with kitchens and have now moved on to living room.

I was going to wait until I cleaned up a bit, but then realized with two kittens, this is probably as good as it's going to get for a while.

Here is my living room:

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