September 27th, 2016

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As I type this

My little Muffin Man (aka Patachou) is being prepped to become a gentleman. I know he's in good hands, but you still worry. Poor Bête Noir didn't quite know what to do with herself last night and this morning. We took him to be boarded last night, rather that face the wrath of five hungry cats. She was very clingy and even woke me up last night, trying to cuddle with me (of course, we did). It's incredible calm and quiet without Patachou around. Still, I miss my chaos.

Last night we took our first official step towards our trip next fall to Fiji. We will be meeting with our travel agent on Friday to make the arrangements. Jeff is, of course, coming with us. He will be sure to have questions and concerns of his own. I am going to suggest a celebratory sushi dinner at Co Co Ro afterwards.

Then we also got a call from Irene with an invite to come to dinner on Saturday night. I'm not sure if it's just the four of us, but that would be primo if it is. It's the first time we've seen them since July. It will be nice - I miss them.

Yesterday our new Artistic Director started and within the first half hour, he has infected the server with ransomware. Sigh... thankfully it was just his little sliver that was infected and TBG was able to get it back without having to bring in outside support. When Sceona did that, it cost us $1400 to recover her computer. Not the best start to his SCT career. He announced he was going back to his apartment for the rest of the day to unpack (and this is on SCT's payroll now). I want to be on salary so I don't have to work anymore. It seems a disturbing trend at the theatre these days. We have four people on salary and none of them are fulfilling their contract hours. Yet, nothing happens, there are no repercussions, so why not?

Now I'm depressed... I'm going to go look at pictures of kittens until I feel better.