September 28th, 2016


An update

The muffin is out of the oven and doing fine. We picked him up last night and took him right into the study, which had been all set up for him. He was still a little loopy from the anesthesia, so we figured he'd go to sleep. Nope, he was not having it. He spent the first half hour caterwauling and finally quieted down. When I visited him, he was so happy to have company that I sat with him for quite a while until he calmed down.

We left him in the study last night - not something he was happy about - and I let him out this morning or rather the others in. After a good sniff and a round of treats, it was back to normal. That meant Bête Noir started bothering him. I finally put her out and now it's just the two of us. I'll leave him in here for the rest of today and let him out when I get home from work. I'm sure he'll be ready by then.

BTW, when the vet suggests you use torn up newspaper in place of litter, know your cat. He had it spread all over the study and made a mad dash for the litter boxes in the bathroom to pee. I collected the paper, replaced it with litter and we'll go from there.

He's currently zonked out on the laptop, enjoying the heat. I took photos, but LJ is being a grumpy grump this morning.

Thanks to everyone who sent him good thoughts. One hurtle down...

Just wondering

Do you prefer a dark room or a light room when relaxing?

heh, what's the last furry thing you touched?

If you were given back everything you'd ever lost in your life (not a living thing, but an object), what would you be the happiest to see again?