September 29th, 2016

one of those days - all week long


Well, Thursday, actually. This has been both a fast and a slow week.

My thanks to everyone who commented yesterday on Patachou. He seems to be a little slow this morning, not eating and he cried a little when I picked him up. I suspect he over-did yesterday after I let him out of the study. I'm going to leave him in here today and let him recuperate a bit. His sister can be a bit of a bother at times, so I'm sure he'll appreciate the quiet time.

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The car has gone bottoms up - again. Yesterday it wouldn't start. We had AAA come up to jump it and when they did, as before the fan was running for the a/c, even when it was in the off position. I told the AAA mechanic, TBG and Ron about this the last time and they all blew me off. Yeah, it's edifying to have it be the cause of the problem. We now have it in the shop and will hopefully have it back before too many moons (and expense).

The new AD has only been here since Monday and yesterday he was commenting upon that fact that Sceona is never here. Duh! She came in for three hours on Monday, she was too busy with her other job Tuesday and yesterday she had cramps and couldn't come in. Seriously... even at its worse, I never called in sick because of my period. I took meds, clenched my teeth and dealt with it. The fact that Dennis has already picked up on it is interesting.

We are supposedly starting a cool down and they are even talking about rain on Sunday. I'll believe it when I see it, but highs in the 70's sound like heaven to me.

Here's hoping everyone has a decent Thursday!

Pens down

sallymn posted that today is the anniversary of the Biro pen. I had always wondered why some folks had called them that.

To those ends,

Do you have a favorite pen?

Did you even have one of these?

What's your very favorite color ink?