October 5th, 2016

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Okay, finally a moment

I'm catching my breath now. Slept well and feel in pretty good spirits today. I have decided to just let the chips fall as they may. If I am fired, I can always draw unemployment. I can always reapply at Delta, now that I have eight years of running an office, plus Quickbook experience under my belt, it should give me more options.

Last night we started decorating and by we, it is the cats and me. TBG does lights and stuff, but he's not much for the actual decorating. Patachou is totally in love with the leaf garland, just like Jenny. Needless to say, last night was interesting.

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On Saturday, we went to dinner at Chef's and Irene's - the food was out the door as always. I wish I hadn't gotten sick halfway through. I'm just relieved he never knew and that I'm feeling better now.

Appetizers - mushroom turnovers, sun dried tomato and mozzarella tarts & leek and blue cheese tarts

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The little ones keep growing and growing. They are eating like little horses and frequently sound like them as they thunder through the house.

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My thanks to everyone offering support and strength yesterday. As long as I have TBG and the cats by my side, it will be all good. :D
black cat and candle

Guess what Val, our stage carpenter, just brought me

(From Pinterest - not the actual kitten)

He looks to be about four weeks old. She found him in the outside lumber. She is a kind soul and has taken responsibility for him, but we all had a good cuddle. I went home and got some kitten food, litter, and our carrier for her to use. I'm so glad Bast chose someone else this time. The inn is rather full.