October 6th, 2016

black cat and candle

An update

Just wanted everyone to know the end result with the little black kitten. Val had set the carrier (with kitten) outside while they were working in the shop and heard a noise. Mum was vainly trying to get to her little one. Val opened the carrier and Mum promptly took the little one by the scruff of the neck and took off followed by a little black and white kitten.

He's with his Mum, which is much better at his age. Val is keeping an eye out for them and has set up a little shelter. My thought is that she will move them away from the area, though.
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The Alphabet Affair - K

Title The Alphabet Affair - K
Author - spikesgirl58
Genre - slash
Word count - 823
Prompts - Kidnap and Knucklehead!

Written for the Beta Challenge Affair in MFUWSS

Illya stared at the ceiling, still not quite believing what had happened. His limbs felt as if they weighed a ton apiece and there was an ache in the small of his back that promised bigger things yet to come. It didn’t matter. For the first time in what seemed forever, Illya was sated, from his eyebrows to his toenails. He was both invigorated and exhausted at the same time. He wanted to leap from the bed and shout his news from the inadequate window that overlooked Geary Street. He wanted to never move from the bed and keep his news to himself, hidden away forever.

Even so, as Napoleon stepped from behind the partially closed bathroom door and smiled, Illya felt himself start to stir again. He didn’t take his eyes off his partner, though. It was as it seeing him for the first time.
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The Alphabet Affair - J

Title: The Alphabet Affair - J
Writer: spikesgirl58
Genre: slash
Rating: a soft R
Prompts: Jaded and Justify

Written for MFUWSS Beta Challenge

This was the best time. Napoleon was just on the edge of waking up. Everything was soft and sweet just like the body next to him. It shifted closer and a smile escaped the still sleeping agent’s lips.

Warm, willing, what more could a man ask for? He let his body answer for him, a physical reaction as old as man himself. He nestled his erection in a well of heat in the small of the woman’s back. She responded by pressing closer. Napoleon’s body woke a bit more at the encouragement.

He slipped an arm over the slender waist, making his way up to a supple breast. He stroke the stiff nipple and stroked the hair…
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