October 7th, 2016


Happy Deathday, Edgar Allan Poe

It seems only appropriate to celebrate your death, considering your contribution to the world of horror.

I've been in love with you since Mr. Riley read The Telltale Heart to us in 7th grade. I wish you would have had a better life, but you gave us so many wonderful tales and poems as a result. Many happy unreturns.

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Well there's one good thing

about being anxious about work. It's sure making me appreciate my off time that much more.

Three glorious days of nothing to do, yeah, maybe in a fairytale, but certainly not in my world. I can't believe how busy the weekends get.

So far today I've: washed and waxed three floors, made breakfast, fed cats, washed a million cat plates, (well, possible only a thousand), changed the bed, done the laundry, including all the seasonal things that came down for Halloween, cleaned the cat boxes, cleaned the bathrooms, went to work and opened the gate for the garbage guys to drop off a 30 yard container and answered about eighty emails...and it's just nine. Wonder what I should do the rest of the day?

There is a hair appointment and then a belated birthday dinner for TBG, which means I need to get a hostess gift, when I'm out. The dining room is stuffed with boxes of Halloween decorations and I need to get off my duff and start working in that direction. The reason? The Boy and his SO are coming tomorrow to pickup their new car (Jeff is selling them Sarah's car) and I know he wants to drop in and show his SO our craziness before we go out to dinner.

I'd like to get some writing done. I still have a couple of projects to work on and the time isn't getting any longer. And there is this to contend with...

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Despite the date stamp, I took that this morning, but it's pretty much every morning. Jenny, at least, had the decency to be on the floor.

But you know what, it's the weekend, at least it is for me and pretty soon for mostly everyone else. Have a great one!