October 10th, 2016

Chiro and No Name

I haven't done one of these in a while

What Type Of Friend Are You?

You got: The Mom

Aww, you’re the best. You always have ibuprofen on hand, and you’re known to recommend certain attire for your friends. You show you care by nurturing your friends when they’re down, and they love you for it. After all, someone’s got to make sure they’re taking their vitamins and not texting their exes.

This is funny because at the college, all the drama students saw me as their surrogate mum. I would take care of them when they didn't feel well, feed them, help them with their homework and other projects. Yeah, it was fun.
head banging

I'm having a grumpy grump of a Monday

So, feel free to skip.

Last night Jenny had a seizure, almost four months from her last one. They are starting to come more frequently and this is, as you will agree, concerning. I'm afraid we will have to start her on medication for them soon. Because of that, neither of us slept really well and then at some point last night, Patachou bit me. I have a mole/wart on my upper lip and the little bastard tried to nurse on it. Talk about a wake up call. He didn't bite hard, but the sucker is sore this morning. I should go and have it removed, again. Talk about impetus. Talk about not being able to get back asleep again.

At work, I am having an issue with MailChimp. Our former AD established the account and didn't share info with me. Now he's gone and I can't access our account. They keep telling me that I have to access through an established account with them - except the account that Kevin used has been shut down, as per our policy. Bringing it back up didn't help. I hate losing an active account and all the e mail addresses that have been entered directly into the program. There is no phone number and no person who seems to 'get' what the problem is. Even TBG is flummoxed. I want to spit neutronium. Plus the lawn service guys are at it with the damned leave blowers. Grumble.

Is it time to go home yet?

Edited to add I finally got someone to help me from Mail Chimp and the sun just came out - light at the end of the tunnel?